I have been fighting severe gum disease for a while. I have seen lots of dentists and periodontists in South Florida and was recommended to Dr. Nitzberg office by a friend. After having oral surgery in South America and losing a lot of my gum and having nerves exposed I am not a candidate for dental implants. I had the laser surgery and still have all my teeth and it was a walk in the park and I can eat, smile and talk properly again thank you Dr. Nitzberg’s office the best the best ever.

Sally SmithHallandale Beach FL

Dear Dr. Simon!

After a visit to your office today about the plate in my mouth, I must thank you for long consideration you have extended to me- the plate fits very comfortably and in a short while I will become accustomed to this new addition.

I am not only pleased with your dental work- but surely with your warmth and smiling attitude- God Bless, keep well and raise those two special boys with love and peace.  Thank you so much!


Shirley KeenHallandale Beach FL

Dear Dr. Simon,

Firstly, I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the dental job- very well done!  You, and your capable staff always followed up my treatments with interest and caring.

Now, if my admirers, will only look at my mouth, teeth predominantly… they too, will think I look like a young lady!

Mucho gracias to your very capable, courteous and cooperative staff of dental assistants and office personnel.

Best wishes to all for a very Happy, Healthy New Year and PEACE to all!


Rebecca LipsonHallandale Beach, FL

Dear Dr. Simon,

I want to write about my implants.

There were a few bumps along the way but the end result was amazing.  I am so delighted with my implants now.  Thank you so much.

I sometimes forget that these are not my original teeth!  I do like the idea of being able to take my teeth out at night for cleaning.

I would recommend the procedure to anyone who is still debating with themselves whether or not to go ahead with the implants.

You can use my name and telephone number as a satisfied customer.

Thank you again,

P.S. I just realized that I left out an important part of my recent letter.  I forgot to thank your staff!  They were just wonderful!  Hopefully, it’s never too late to show appreciation.

Marvin GreenbergHallandale Beach FL

Dear Dr. Simon,

Now that I have my prosthesis, I can’t let another day go by without writing you a note of thanks.  The fitting of both the uppers and lowers was completed with less inconvenience than I had expected.  I am extremely happy with the color and alignment of both.  You skill is extraordinary.

Your staff has always greeted me with a smile and made me feel comfortable and at east.  With Lois and Teresa you have a great team.

Your patience has succeeded in making the whole experience easy for me.

You have given me a wonderful smile!

Yours truly,

RuthHallandale Beach FL