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Laser Dentistry

For your comfort and convenience, Prosthodontic Associates of South Florida uses laser assisted periodontal therapy to treat gum disease without uncomfortable cutting or sutures.

Dr. Simon cures infected gums in a single office visit by utilizing the industry’s only FDA approved laser treatment. Laser dentistry quickly and painlessly removes dangerous toxins that lead to bone deterioration, while simultaneously promoting the growth of healthy gum tissue.

Here’s how it works:

  • Laser assisted periodontal therapy is regarded for its comfort, but a local anesthetic is applied to ensure absolutely no pain is felt during the procedure. A general anesthetic isn’t necessary.
  • A small laser fiber, about the size of three human hairs is placed in the pocket between the gum and tooth to eliminate bad bacteria and diseased gum tissue. The healthy tissue is left unharmed, and the pocket is cleared for further cleaning.
  • Small ultrasonic cleaners that are the same thickness as the laser fiber use sound waves to gently break apart tartar and calcium deposits on the tooth’s roots.
  • The laser fiber returns to reach the bottom of the pocket and remove harmful toxins and bacteria while sterilizing the bone and tissue. This action elicits blood clotting. The clots contain fibers that will support the reattachment of the tissue to the bone and foster the regrowth of lost tissues.

Gums that were once diseased are restored to health without cutting, scaling, stitches, or pain.Laser assisted periodontal therapy is remarkably powerful and effective, yet gentle. Unlike traditional periodontal treatments, which employ sharp tools to cut away affected tissue, laser assisted periodontal therapy keeps your gums intact and allows you to remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

If your gums are tender, inflamed, bleeding, or receding from the tooth, it’s likely you have gum disease. It’s important to promptly seek treatment since gum disease contributes to cardiovascular issues, diabetes, stroke, and low birth weight in pregnant women. Gums anchor the teeth, so acceptable periodontal health promotes oral health, too.