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TMJ Relief with Dental Crowns and Bridges

Jaw painYears of daily wear and tear can be hard on your teeth, wearing them down until the damage eventually shows in your smile. Unfortunately, even before the damage ruins your smile, it can ruin the quality of your life by causing TMJ pain. If you are one of the many Hallandale Beach residents who have already been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, then you may be interested to know that dental crowns and bridges could be helpful in relieving your TMJ problems.

Aside from the cosmetic concerns, broken teeth, gapped teeth, and missing teeth can create functional problems that can damage the jaw joint. A prosthodontist might suggest correcting these problems through smile rejuvenation. When you take the steps to properly rejuvenate the complete smile, you make it possible for the teeth and the jaw joint to work together in harmony—without pain.

When teeth are missing and the remaining teeth begin to shift, you are at great risk for developing a bite problem. A dental bridge or a dental implant can replace the missing tooth and provide enough stability to prevent the teeth from continuing to shift. A prosthodontist can aid you in replacing a missing tooth, but can also provide the additional service of ensuring that your bite is aligned properly. For many patients, aligning the bite and replacing missing teeth has proven to successfully relieve TMJ symptoms.

A misaligned bite can be responsible for your TMJ problems, but a bad bite can also destroy your teeth. If you have been plagued by cracked teeth, or if you habitually grind your teeth together at night, then it’s possible that you are dealing with the effects of a TMJ disorder.

With well-designed crowns and bridges, the broken teeth can be protected and your natural bite can be brought into balance. Building up and strengthening a deteriorating smile can make a great difference in the health of your jaw joint and the management of your TMJ disorder, and let’s not forget the bonus benefit of a great-looking smile.